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Joint Crisis Committee (JCC)

The Joint Crisis Committee, JCC,  is different from the regular UN committees. It consist of two or more independently-running subcommittees in which each delegate represents a political character rather than a nation. The main aim of the JCC is to debate on the basis of decisions and actions upon an issue between these sides. After all, one side wins.

Agenda Item : Wars of the Roses

Wars of the Roses are a series of England civil wars which that occurred between 1455-1458. It refers to the throne contention between the House of Lancaster and House of York. The main reason triggering the war is the claim of the Richard, Duke of York, to the throne when King Henry IV from House of Lancaster was in power. The war started with this conflict in 1455. Despite this, the war lasted until 1487, with ongoing disputes even after the war between two sides.