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IOC (International Olympic  Committee)

The International Olympic Committee is the non-governmental organization responsible for organizing the Olympic Games that is committed to build a better world through sport. Created on 23 June 1894; the IOC is the supreme authority of the Olympic Movement. The Olympics are a longstanding tradition, and the mission of IOC is to constantly evolve any social, political, economic, and environmental changes that occur around the world about that. It currently has 95 members represent and promote the interests of the IOC and of the Olympic  Movement.

Agenda Item : Possible Reforms on the Problem of Organizing the Olympic Games

Since the day they have begun, the Olympic Games are held in all over the world once in 4 years. Their importance is obvious and as it is discussed lately, organizing the Olympic Games gets more difficult owing to the fact that there are unsolved problems about it. Therefore some countries are not willing to host the Olympic Games. In this committee, delegates are expected to think broadly and debate upon possible reforms