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African Union

The African Union is an international organization consisting of 55 countries on the African continent. It was founded on 9 July 2002 in South Africa. It aims to make the best unity and solidarity relationship between the world and the people of Africa. It supports world peace and intends to gather all African countries under the same roof.

Agenda Item 1 : Darfur Genocide In Sudan

Civil war has existed between the northern and southern regions of Sudan for more than a decade. The Khartoum government under General Omar al-Bashir wished to create a more Islamic-based government that was opposed by the southern groups and led to civil war. 
The Darfur Genocide refers to the current mass slaughter and rape of Darfuri men, women, children in Sudan (Eastern Sudan).  It began in 2003, as the first genocide in the 21st century. Nearly 30.000 people were killed and more than 1,4 million displaced people still rely on food handouts in camps throughout Darfur. Many others have fled the country. It is being carried out by a government and unrest and violence persist today. 

Agenda Item 2 : China’s Growing Impact on Africa

A decade ago, China’s influence in Africa was limited. Its aid programs were hardly significant, its diplomats relatively unskilled. And many Chinese were unsure about their country’s role as an international actor. Recently, however, continued strong economic growth, a more sophisticated generation of Chinese leaders, better scholarship in China on Africa, and a domestic population more confident in China as a global actor have encouraged Beijing to take a more proactive approach to foreign affairs. China’s growing industries demand new energy and raw material suppliers; its exporters want markets; its diplomats require support in international organizations; and its propaganda still seeks support from allies to advance Chinese interests and, when necessary, to counter the United States. It is now Africa’s third largest trading partner. As its profile has grown on the continent, so have concerns about Beijing’s hands-off policy on internal affairs and human rights’ issues, from Sudan to Zimbabwe.